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Wymering Manor....

Not for the faint hearted !!!

Thursday 13th May 2010

"WYMERING MANOR" - Old Wymering Lane - Wymering - Hampshire PO6 3NL


Wymering Manor, recorded in the Domesday Book, is the oldest house in Portsmouth. From 1042 it belonged to King Edward the Confessor and after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 it became the property of King William the Conqueror, until 1084.

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"Wymering Manor House" - Hampshire
Haunted Happenings in Hampshire!



The Manor House reveals much of its structure to be early 16th century although Roman and Mediaeval materials are evident at several locations within the building. Beneath the house, cellars cut into the chalk of Portsdown have solid flint walls that are reputed to be Saxon in origin.

Wymering Manor Hall - ImageInside a spacious hall is dominated by twin, magnificent Jacobean staircases and gallery with barley sugar twist balusters. Panelled walls and pilasters give an impression of building styles associated with the Tudor Elizabethan period. Curious features of the house are the two priest-holes and a small square window which looked along the coast road towards Portchester Castle.

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Its history is particularly of interest to paranormal investigators, who over the years have reported a record number of unusual occurrences while at the house.


Paranormal Activity

Paranormal occurrences reported at the manor include visitors who claim to have heard the whispers of children, spotted strange apparitions and seen items in the manor move of their own accord. Dramatic drops in temperature and accounts of unusual or intimidating 'spirit energies' have also been reported. Film and video footage has captured both orbs and other strange light anomalies.

More history of the ghostly goings on at Wymering Manor.....

The Event

Spooky Locations recently looked around the inside of the building and we can quite honestly say that it is one of the most haunted places we have ever been in, plenty of photo's were taken whilst there capturing some unexplained images along with plenty of light anomalies, one of our members was even slapped across the chest!

What will these old walls be willing to give up on the night?
Will our latest ghost hunting equipment capture strange phenomena?
Dare you be brave enough to enter this eerie old manor house?

We will take you on a journey, through the dark dank scary passage ways, exloring the cellar, and even down into the priest holes. We will be joined by other experienced paranormal investigators and mediums along with theirs and our ghost hunting and psychic equipment to try and experience paranormal activity, inside, in ours and many other peoples opinion one of, or indeed the most haunted building in Portsmouth.

Arrival time is 8:00 pm with a welcome briefing starting at approximately 8:30 pm.

You will encouraged to be pro-active during the event and get the chance to use and monitor our latest ghost hunting equipment throughout the night.

You will be provided with finger buffet supper, tea and coffee refreshments throughout the night.

At about 3:00 am there will be a debriefing of teams along with allocated time to review any evidence and to discuss and compare any findings from the investigation.

At approximately 3:30 am it will be time to say our goodbyes for now and Spooky Locations will draw the event to a close.

Please note that we are not classing this event as a sleep over and is reflected in the price.

A Spooky Evening at Wymering Manor Includes


There is ample car parking within the grounds of Wymering Manor.

Price & Booking

The cost of this event is only £57 per person (limited spaces).
Book via our online booking page.
Please do not contact the location direct.

Bring With You

Camera and torch, both with spare batteries, plenty of warm clothing, comfortable shoes, please do not bring any unnecessary valubles.

Please report any errors to Spooky Locations