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Old Presque Isle Lighthouse USA

In the top right video of the split screen, you can see a shadow appear from the fan (bottom right) about half way through the footage, the shadow quickly disappears back again.......the only person in the area at the time was a Local Resident, he can be seen on the left hand side, the only light source was from the infra red around the camera lens!

This is what the Local Resident had to say on our findings:

"It was amazing you were able to capture something on film. As I recollect, I was the only one in that area, two other people were on the other side of the room, completely away from that location. There would not have been any thing or any person that would have caused a distortion of light that I could see"

Local Resident, Presque Isle USA

In association with Robb Kaczor of O.S.P.I. USA

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