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"Hi to all the Spooky Locations crew, thanks for a great night at the Mill House Hotel, me & Brian really enjoyed it, as you know we've had a few paranormal investigations there now, but we both thought last nights event was the best we've ever had. The crew were great really friendly. Thanks for letting us join in, it was such a good night we're hoping to see you all again soon. x"

Carol Kingsford, Mill House Hotel - The Mill House Hotel

"Great night out, action packed, was so scared - can't wait for the next one"

Sharron, Pitsea

"Thank you so much for a most enjoyable evening, what a lovely old building, full of charm and character, not to mention the ghosts"

Katie & Friend, Romford

"Buffet 10/10, accommodation and atmosphere 10/10, team friendly and helpful 10/10, all in all great night out...looking forward to doing another one in the near future"

John, Stanford-Le-Hope

"Hi Kim, Martin and all the Spooky Locations team. I would just like to say a big thank you for inviting our team to join you last night, it was a great night. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say, it was a pleasure working for you, and we look forward to working for you more in the future (if you will have us hahaha). It was so nice to see that you and your team worked so hard to give your guests a really good night. Because of this I would recommend Spooky Locations to anyone"

Bill, Essex and Kent Paranormal Research Society - Ellersley

"It was amazing you were able to capture something on film. As I recollect, I was the only one in that area, two other people were on the other side of the room, completely away from that location. There would not have been any thing or any person that would have caused a distortion of light that I could see"

Local Resident, Presque Isle USA - Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

"Another entertaining evening, saw first of many orbs within minutes of entering the building. Can't wait for next event"

Tracey Everett, Benfleet - The New Empire Theatre

"Brilliant! Was a non-believer, now I believe"

Jackie, Southend-on-Sea

"Hi team, just thought id tell you what a fantastic time I had in Saffron Waldon with you all, If you get any more I could come to please let me know because I would be there like a shot"
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Mikey Porter, Southend Radio - The Maltings

"Great team, made us feel very welcome. Food and drink was plentiful, will definitely book again"

Sue, Watford

"My first time with Spooky Locations and only wish that I hadn't wasted time with other companies. For all those who are interested in the paranormal and enjoy a good ghost hunt then go with Spooky Locations - they really are the best. You arrive feeling apprehensive of how the evening will pan out and you leave having just made great friends and feeling like you've known them for years - thanks guys and see you all at the next event!"

Sheila King, Canvey Island - The Mill House Hotel

"Well worth the money....two friends are now going to book after our recommendation"

Dave & Mary, London

"I really enjoyed the table tipping, that made me “believe”, great team, very supportive and fun"

Louisa Morris, London - Ellersley

"Ghost walk was very entertaining, liked Pluckley very much....nice pub, felt very strange near the toilet area. Very well organised, would love to do a stay over"

Stuart, Kent

"Well, what a fantastic night, only just woken up (I didn’t get to bed til 4 am)!
I was working as the medium at Wymering Manor on a Ghost Hunt from 8pm-3am last night/this morning with the Spooky Locations Ghost Hunting Team (and that’s after a full day at work, I hasten to add), so thanks to Kim Cramp and her team for making me feel so welcome. Lovely people and we had a nice buffet as well"
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Sarah Rooke : Archdruidess : Berengaria Order of Druids, Portsmouth - Wymering Manor

"My friend and I was so scared at first, thanks to Kim and the team for giving us a night to remember"

Danni & Sophie

"Brilliant Night Thursday, Thanks so much to everyone for making us feel so welcome. I didn't expect to feel so much activity. Jem & I are still recanting the details to others, and I think I'm still in shock a little! Anyway thanks again for a fantastic night, can't wait for Wymering Manor! Oh and we have some really good pics too, I'll upload them asap. PS> I hope someone polished off our breakfasts!"

Alex Stone, Witham - The Mill House Hotel

"Looked forward to going to the Empire Theatre and wasn't disappointed. Orbs and coloured lights everywhere. An eerie feeling of being watched at times came over you in the top theatre which made me feel uncomfortable, we experienced the most coloured orbs there. Table tipping didn't disappoint either"

Donna Hunt, Bowers Gifford - The New Empire Theatre

"Didn't want to sleep alone, three of us slept in one bed..........so scared. Fantastic night, can't wait to do it again"

Kim, Becky & Sophie

"I was talked into going on a paranormal investigation, I loved it, especially the gadgets, got some really good photo's of orbs"

Andrew & Kyle, Brentwood

"Had a fantastic evening + nite, especially in the cellar with George. Thank you to all the staff who were all great + the food was lovely. C U all at the next one"

Shelina Johnson, Slough Berks - The Maltings   

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