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Wymering Manor....

Thursday 14th May 2009

Report by Sarah Rooke

Well, what a fantastic night, only just woken up (I didn’t get to bed til 4 am)!

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I was working as the medium at Wymering Manor on a Ghost Hunt from 8pm-3am last night/this morning with the Spooky Locations Ghost Hunting Team (and that’s after a full day at work, I hasten to add), so thanks to Kim Cramp and her team for making me feel so welcome. Lovely people and we had a nice buffet as well.

We did a walk around, a couple of séances. During a séance with a glass we got the letter ‘W’ and the glass kept spinning around and around very fast. As we were doing this something smashed in the background. During the séance with the EMF reader, we were getting responses to questions. We also did table tipping where this also happened in response to questions. One poor guy got ‘volunteered; to go into one of the priest holes, rather him than me….Also had a go at scrying and my face got elongated and pulled and appeared male, and it was as if the spirit was coming out of my face during this. Weird.

I picked up on the spirits of a very strict governess like lady from the Victorian era (she was not nice and was quite prominent during the night), a little girl who had been locked in a cupboard, a spinning vortex in one room, an authoritive male figure that was quite threatening, Roman soldiers marching in the cellar, and a horse galloping outside what I decided to call the ‘Lion Door’. This is a door that leads outside in the kitchen that has a heraldic gold lion on it, kept getting it was a gift from the king but long ago, one of Plantagenet’s, not sure which (the house dates back to the Doomsday Book).

We also heard hissing, moaning, growling, sighing, and footsteps on the stairs. We also got the sense of being watched. We also tried to rescue two spirits trapped, the little girl was being scared by the governess, and W, who was clearly sad. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get them to cross over. We also saw the loft where the Most Haunted Team went, we didn’t get to go in there but we felt some spirits in there saying, ‘come on in, bring it on’.

And it was also nice to follow in my family’s footsteps for once, as my late father’s side of the family are all well known Spiritualist mediums and healers.

Anyway, so a very interesting night.....


Sarah Rooke
Berengaria Order of Druids

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