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Bolebroke Castle....

Not for the faint hearted !!!

Friday 11th March 2011

"BOLEBROKE CASTLE" - Edenbridge Road - Hartfield - East Sussex TN7 4JJ


Bolebroke Castle at Hartfield, the village made famous by Pooh bear, was built around 1480 and is the earliest brick built building in Sussex.

Henry VIII used Bolebroke when he went hunting for wild boar and venison in the nearby Ashdown Forest. Anne Boleyn, who lived at Hever Castle 5 miles away was courted by Henry VIII from there.

Set in a stunningly beautiful location on a 30 acre estate away from main roads and noise where pheasant and deer roam the meadows and woodlands.

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"Bolebroke Castle" - Tunbridge Wells
Terror at Tunbridge Wells!



Each season provides its own beauty - in Springtime the carpets of daffodils and bulbs, the rhododendrons of May/June, the mantles of water lilies on the lakes in July/August and the turning of the Virginia creeper to red on the castle and the autumn tints of September/October.

The castle has been loved and cared for through the centuries and has a wealth of history having been owned by the Earls and Dukes of Dorset.

There are many fine rooms with original beamed ceilings and wood panelling. Everywhere in the castle is 16th century furniture and tapestries depicting scenes of the period.

The Elizabethan staircase carved from solid oak is one of the finest in existence.


Bolebroke Castle Fireplace - ImageGreat Hall

This has the second largest fireplace in England where they have roaring log fires through the winter time, the hall also displays a fine collection of arms and armour.

Banqueting Hall

Fine wood panelling and a very unusual ceiling decorated with motifs of animals of the forest.

Paranormal Activity

Much activity has been reported over the years from unexplained tappings, cries of laughter and moans of sadness. The ghost of a woman in nun’s clothing has been seen searching for what is believed to be her lover who died on the staircase. A headless woman has been seen in the Great Hall who some believe could be Ann Boleyn herself who used to frequent the castle during her time with Henry VIII.

The Event

Upon a recent visit to Bolbroke Castle, Spooky Locations was taken on a guided tour of this magnificent building. We all experienced numerous cold spots. When climbing the back staircase we felt a rather uneasy feeling of being watched, could this be the ghost of the grey lady who is said to still visit the bedroom at the top of the stairs?

What will these old walls be willing to give up on the night?
Will our latest ghost hunting equipment capture strange phenomena?
Dare you be brave enough to enter this eerie castle?

Will Bolbroke Castle let us share in its history of ghosts which seem abundant in this old building? Come on this very exciting paranormal ghost hunt with us, sleep with spirits of Bolbroke Castle if you Dare!

Arrival time is 8:00 pm with a welcome briefing starting at approximately 8:30 pm.

You will encouraged to be pro-active during the event and get the chance to use and monitor our latest ghost hunting equipment throughout the night.

You will be provided with finger buffet supper including a welcoming glass of mulled wine, tea and coffee refreshments throughout the night.

At about 3:00 am there will be a debriefing of teams along with allocated time to review any evidence and to discuss and compare any findings from the investigation.

At approximately 3:30 am it will be time to say our goodbyes for now and Spooky Locations will draw the event to a close.

This event includes shared overnight accommodation along with full cooked breakfast in the morning, please note rooms to be vacated by 10am.

Please bear in mind that this is a historic building and not a hotel, therefore the accomodation is very basic.

A Spooky Evening at Bolebroke Castle Includes


There is ample car parking within the grounds of Bolebroke Castle.

Price & Booking

The cost of this event is only £87 per person (limited spaces).
Book via our online booking page.
Please do not contact the location direct.

Bring With You

Camera and torch, both with spare batteries, plenty of warm clothing, comfortable shoes, please do not bring any unnecessary valubles.

Please report any errors to Spooky Locations