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Bisham Abbey....

Not for the faint hearted !!!

Thursday 22nd April 2010

"BISHAM ABBEY" - Off Marlow Road - Near Marlow - Buckinghamshire SL7 1RR


Situated on the banks of the River Thames in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, the manor house was built around 1260 as a community house for two Knights Templar. When the Templars were suppressed in 1307, King Edward II took over the manorial rights, granting them to various relatives.

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"Bisham Abbey" - Buckinghamshire
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In 1310 the building was used as a place of confinement for Queen Elizabeth of the Scots, wife of King Robert the Bruce, along with her stepdaughter Princess Marjorie and sister–in–law, Lady Christine of Carrick. They had been captured on the Isle of Rathlin during the Scottish Wars of Succession, and were placed in the charge of the King’s Yeoman, John Bentley, for two years, until removed to Windsor.

Bisham Abbey - ImageIn 1335 the manor was bought by William Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury and in 1337 he founded Bisham Priory alongside.

Henry VIII granted the manor house to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce settlement from him, and it was later bought by the Hoby family, who lived there until 1768. Elizabeth I was a regular visitor in the time of the Hoby family.

Bisham Abbey to date has been host to ITV’s Lewis, Tesco Adverts, BBC, NIKE and Channel 4, Bisham Abbey is used to film crews swarming around its grounds and have been proud to be the venue of choice for several TV dramas, feature films, virals, advert shoots and documentaries.

Paranormal Activity

Bisham Abbey is known as one of the most haunted buildings in Britain. Besides its holy well, it has a secret passage and spectral lights have been seen hovering over it. True to form, it also has a resident ghost that appears regularly! The spectral lights have been seen throughout history "dancing across the lawn" and It is said on midsummer evening an eerie blue mist emanating from the house rolls across the Thames but most dramatic of all, is the Abbey's ghost.

The ghost of Lady Hoby has haunted the abbey relentlessly since her death in 1609. It is said that her apparition materialises with a black face and white clothes; she tears sheets from beds, throws things around, sobs piteously at night or illuminates the empty Tower Room with a ghoulish light... Even after 400 years, Lady Hoby gets no rest for her evil sin. She still appears so frequently that Bisham Abbey is one of the most haunted places in Britain.

It all began in 1538 when the monks of Bisham Abbey were expelled with brutal force by King Henry VIII's reformers. Witnesses said that the Abbot almost went mad on seeing the sanctuary fall into worldly hands. He was kicking and screaming at the King's servants and finally he even cursed the place: "As God is my witness, this property shall never be inherited by two direct successors, for its sons will be hounded by misfortune."

The later events proved that the Abbot's curse was powerful and grave misfortunes have frequently struck Bisham Abbey's owners. Indeed it didn't take long for the first really disturbing death to occur- the little boy William Hoby died in an unimaginable way from his own mother's hand.

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Lady Elizabeth Hoby was not only one of the most educated women of the age, but also very arrogant and proud. As a personal friend of Queen Elizabeth I, she wanted to prepare her children for the highest roles society by giving them the most intense tuition. However, not all of her siblings were quick learners and the young William Hoby often fell victim to his mother's bad temper. More often than not she shouted at and even violently beat William with a heavy ruler till he collapsed with blood streaming from his head.


Lady Hoby can be recognised from the portrait of her which hangs at the Abbey

Lady Hoby on Horseback - ImageThe final blow came one day whilst being taught in the Tower, all the other children had finished their work and William was left struggling to catch up. Elizabeth is said to have lost patience with William when his pen unfortunately blotted and leaked all over his schoolwork. She grabbed some rope and tied William to the chair and told him to rewrite all his work that day and slammed the door and locked it shut. To vent her anger and frustration Lady Elizabeth went for a ride on her horse only to be greeted by a Royal messenger. She had been summoned to Court by Queen Elizabeth and left immediately and left for Windsor.

Several days later she returned and her children ran out to meet her, all except William. She thought that he would be sulking after the classroom incident and asked the housekeeper where he was. The housekeeper said that she thought he was with her Ladyship when the horror dawned on Elizabeth. She ran to the Tower but It was too late, little William had died and was still tied to the chair in the classroom. Elizabeth was filled with guilt and remorse for the rest of her life. Her phantom has been seen since the early 1600's wandering the grounds, moaning and wringing her hands of the what appears to be blood, a symbol of her wicked actions in the death of her son.

The Event

Spooky Locations was recently privileged to be shown around this grand historical old building, we were amazed when entering the splendour of the The Great Hall, an original part of the twelfth century building, along with its 100ft high vaulted ceiling, minstrel's gallery and feature fireplace!

The Spooky Locations Team will have access to all of the enormous rooms they were guided through, every one with their own story's to tell....Bisham Abbey is truly a ghost hunters delight!

Bisham Abbey Fireplace - Image


The Warwick Room was originally the dining room of the Hoby family


Come and join us if you're brave enough to try and capture some of the spirits that still roam the corridors and stairways of this truly amazing building.

We will be joined by other experienced paranormal investigators and mediums along with theirs and our ghost hunting and psychic equipment to try and experience paranormal activity, inside Bisham Abbey, widely known as one of the most haunted building in Britain.

Arrival time is 8:00 pm with a welcome briefing starting at approximately 8:30 pm.

You will encouraged to be pro-active during the event and get the chance to use and monitor our latest ghost hunting equipment throughout the night.

You will be provided with finger buffet supper, tea and coffee refreshments throughout the night.

At about 3:00 am there will be a debriefing of teams along with allocated time to review any evidence and to discuss and compare any findings from the investigation.

At approximately 3:30 am it will be time to say our goodbyes for now and Spooky Locations will draw the event to a close.

Please note that we are not classing this event as a sleep over and is reflected in the price.

A Spooky Evening at Bisham Abbey Includes


There is ample car parking within the grounds of Bisham Abbey.

Price & Booking

The cost of this event is only £57 per person (limited spaces).
Book via our online booking page.
Please do not contact the location direct.

Bring With You

Camera and torch, both with spare batteries, plenty of warm clothing, comfortable shoes, please do not bring any unnecessary valubles.

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