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About Us....

Hi and a very warm welcome to Spooky Locations, you have just entered our new site which is still under construction.

My name is Kim I am married to my husband Martin, we have both been interested in the paranormal for many years now. Some strange things have happened to me over the years and try as I may, I could not explain them away, it’s then after I try and rationalise all avenues, we call it paranormal.

We have found after speaking to many people that the paranormal is an absolutely fascinating subject. People love to tell of their experiences, there sightings, the strange things that have happened to them, and of course it’s good to listen, as you never know they may have had the same experience as you in a slightly different way.

After listening to these people, we discovered the need for overnight investigations. We try and gather as much background information as possible, but do not give this away on the night. We record all the evidence throughout the night, and listen to different parties involved, there is a great sense of achievement when you catch something on camera or on tape.

In the past I have organised a number of events, ghost hunts, ghost walks, and now overnight stays in reputedly haunted homes, hotels etc.

We have a team of about 6 paranormal investigators, plus we take on site at least one medium, we had recently organised an overnight stay with many strange and unexplained things that happened, photos to be published on web site very soon. We have numerous pieces of equipment to use on our paranormal nights. EMF meters, infra red thermometers, dowsing rods, crystals etc, also walkie talkies to keep in contact with the other groups.

We advise all parties to wear warm clothing, comfortable shoes or trainers, a torch plus spare batteries, and of course a camera! You will be amazed at what you capture on camera (digital is best), we advice you not to bring alcohol as this can give people a wrong sense of anything paranormal, you need a clear head as well as a brave heart to go on some of our locations! Definitely not for the faint hearted, but still you can have great fun whilst investigations take place.

We supply refreshments throughout the night and if you attend one of our overnighters, you will have accommodation a buffet supper and breakfast in the morning, all you need is your PJ’s and toiletries…

We would love you to come on our investigations with us!

Please telephone us with any questions and we will try and answer any queries you may have!

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