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Welcome to Spooky Locations....

We aim to provide you with an alternative entertaining night out you will never forget!

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Have you ever wanted to explore the unknown?

Ever had that feeling that you are not alone?



Well now is the time to explore the paranormal with us. You will have a fantastic opportunity to have a hands on approach, using the most modern equipment, our accomplished team of paranormal investigators along with experienced mediums and psychics will guide you through some of the most scariest places, places you would never have thought to go alone.....

To get into the mood you will start the evening with an introduction into the paranormal, you will also be shown how to use the very equipment we use. We will endeavour to answer all your questions you may have, then and only then, when you are ready, the evening will BEGIN!......so happy ghost hunting!

Although we cannot guarantee you seeing anything paranormal you will have an action packed evening full of anticipation and in most cases laughter. We do take the investigations seriously but also understand many people want an enjoyable evening with their friends also.

Our locations are carefully researched by our team, we only use locations which have a high number of ghost and paranormal activity.......

We try our very hardest to keep costs down to a minimum, so that everyone can try and experience the paranormal.

Think you are brave enough? We would love you and your friends to come along to one of our spooky ghost hunt investigations - or better still, if you dare.... one of our all night ghost hunts to include sleeping with the ghosts overnight!

We hope you can find everything you need. Spooky Locations is focused on providing a high-quality service and customer satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations and encourage all participants to be pro-active.

With a variety of locations to choose from we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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SPOOKY LOCATIONS have been cast to participate as team members in a 15 episode USA TV show called SEEKERS of the PARANORMAL....scheduled to be shown this summer!

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"Hi team, just thought id tell you what a fantastic time I had in Saffron Waldon with you all, If you get any more I could come to please let me know because I would be there like a shot"
Listen to what Mikey had to say on air!

Mikey Porter, Southend Radio - The Maltings

"Well, what a fantastic night, only just woken up (I didn’t get to bed til 4 am)!
I was working as the medium at Wymering Manor on a Ghost Hunt from 8pm-3am last night/this morning with the Spooky Locations Ghost Hunting Team (and that’s after a full day at work, I hasten to add), so thanks to Kim Cramp and her team for making me feel so welcome. Lovely people and we had a nice buffet as well"
read full report....

Sarah Rooke : Archdruidess : Berengaria Order of Druids, Portsmouth - Wymering Manor

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